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Diverse, Mission-Aligned Guides with Proprietary Certification

Our Guides are trained in our proprietary SoulCare® methodology that helps employees integrate what they are, do, and experience enabling them to more meaningfully contribute to work, life and everywhere in between. Guides are background-checked and screened before completing a 4-week training and evaluation focusing on empathetic listening.

Our Guide team can serve Users in 6+ languages
50% of our Guides have graduate degrees
Our Guides’ backgrounds include executive coaching, counseling, pastoral care, social work and wellness
Thoughtful & Patient
Fluent in English
Toby carries a contagious energy and comes alongside your journey with encouragement.
Thoughtful & Patient
Fluent in English and Amharic
Margo carefully discerns what is going on and brings a gentle spirit and wise words to all her interactions.
Warmhearted & Attentive
Fluent in English
Dan shares a warm-heartedness that endears others, while he attentively listens and engages.
Insightful & Compassionate
Fluent in English and Spanish
Ray's attentiveness and care for others is evident in thoughtful questions that help you process life.
Passionate & Intelligent
Fluent in English and Chinese
Kai is passionate about bringing together our heads and hearts for a fully integrated life.