The mental well-being benefit that benefits everyone.

Forte is the only approachable and accessible mental well-being platform that connects every employee in your organization with unlimited access to certified Guides to process whatever they want, however often they want.

Our platform proactively helps employees be present, find focus, and live a more fulfilled life.

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Of U.S. employees are not engaged or actively disengaged
Annual cost of presenteeism per average employee
Turnover due to burnout
of employees say they will be looking for workplaces that support mental health in the future.

Employees aren’t engaged. That’s a fact.

The struggles, surprises, and stressors of life are exaggerated at work. Quite quitting, lost productivity, and burnout are all real factors hurting employees—and the bottom line.

Statistics show that employees are disengaged and exhausted at work and at home. And the problem isn’t going away.

Forte meets people where they are.

Our platform helps your employees navigate life’s ups, downs, and surprises—no matter where they are on their wellness journey.

We do this first and foremost by acknowledging that every person is in a different place in the adventure of life, and a “one size fits all” solution won’t work. We then connect employees with individualized support.

of employees want their employers to help them take care of their stress and anxiety.
Of employees quit due to mental health reasons
of Americans classify their lives as “not thriving.
U.S. adults report experiencing loneliness with some of the highest rates among young adults

A trusted (and certified) Guide to walk alongside your employees. 

The strength of Forte are our Guides. Every employee selects their own Guide who walks alongside offering individual support in the adventure of life.

Forte’s Guides are certified in our proprietary SoulCare® methodology. This holistic method of care offers employees:

  • Safe, non-judgmental space to be heard
  • Help unlocking their values, purpose, and meaning
  • Support in navigating the twists and turns in the adventure of life
  • Trusted counsel for personal and professional goals 
  • Clarity in identifying their unique strengths and contribution

Gentle nudges through personalized resources.

Our weekly and monthly content are specifically designed to drive meaningful change in employee's lives. Each employee receives curated content that prompts action and encourages connection with a Guide. 

Forte’s content encourages employees to make time for reflection, engage in wellness challenges and activities, and offers general well-being resources.

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of Forte users report being more present and focused at work
of Forte users report that their well-being has improved
Forte’s average user rating after calls with Guides
Engagement of platform vs. traditional benefits offerings

Forte unlocks employee engagement

Employers who partner with Forte experience industry shattering results. And, most importantly, employees feel heard, valued, and supported.

"Forte is the best benefit my company offers! I meet weekly with my Guide and we talk a lot about work stress and how to balance it and become a more whole employee, wife and mom."

Katie | Chief of Staff

"I feel better talking about things to someone and not feel like it is a burden or a problem for them to solve."

Teacher | Monte Vista School

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