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Dillon Barnard joins Forte as SMB Account Executive

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to Forte's team, Dillon Barnard. Dillon is joining us as a SMB Account Executive! Dillon brings with him experience in remote tech startups and sales. Dillon's commitment to building strong relationships with clients and his dedication to giving back to his community align perfectly with Forte's values, and we look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish in his new role. We are confident that his passion, work ethic, and commitment to excellence will make a significant impact on Forte and our customers.

Now... Let's get to know Dillon a little better.

First, tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Dillon! Southern Californian at heart, but a Denver transplant. My wife Damara and I have been married for 2 years and love living near the mountains with our dog, KC. If you're ever wondering what I am up to on the weekend it is consistently filled with pickleball and house projects.

Why are you passionate about the mission of Forte?

I've worked for remote tech startups since the pandemic, and my wife is a nurse at a children's hospital. We've consistently seen and heard about the toll that the past couple of years have taken on our colleagues, friends, and family. As a result, I began reflecting on what it takes for people to truly thrive in their personal, emotional, and work lives, especially watching many of my acquaintances are struggling with burnout. While employers would occasionally offer incentives to address this issue, these measures didn't seem to be enough to make a significant difference. I was then introduced to Forte's Co-Founders,William and Vineet, who told me about their mission to help people live up to their full potential with SoulCare™ and I was sold. The mission of Forte was far too compelling to not join.

(p.s. the feeling was mutual, Dillon!)

What does mental wellness look like for you in this season?

In this season, it's filled with time away from technology, daily walks in silence and solitude, and putting aside time weekly to enjoy intentional conversations with my wife, and close friends!

Welcome to the team, Dillon!