A trusted and certified Guide to walk alongside your employees. 

The key to Forte is our Guides. Every employee in your organization selects their own Guide who walks alongside them offering individual support. 

Forte’s Guides are certified in our proprietary SoulCare® methodology. This holistic method of care offers employees:

  • Safe, non-judgmental space to be heard
  • Help unlocking their values, purpose, and meaning
  • Support in navigating the twists and turns in the adventure of life
  • Trusted counsel for personal and professional goals 
  • Clarity in identifying their unique strengths and contribution

A trusted (and certified) Guide to walk alongside your employees. 

Forte Guides undergo comprehensive training in Forte's proprietary SoulCare® methodology. A distinctive approach designed to go beyond traditional training methods by addressing the individual as a whole. It recognizes the intricate interplay between our body (how we engage with the external world), our soul (our internal world, including how we perceive ourselves, others, and our environment), and our spirit (how we find purpose and meaning). This approach encourages individuals to bring their whole selves to every endeavor, fostering a more engaged, motivated, and purpose-driven workforce.

Thoughtful & Patient
Fluent in English and Amharic
Margo carefully discerns what is going on and brings a gentle spirit and wise words to all her interactions.
Thoughtful & Patient
Fluent in English
Toby carries a contagious energy and comes alongside your journey with encouragement.
Warmhearted & Attentive
Fluent in English
Dan shares a warm-heartedness that endears others, while he attentively listens and engages.
Insightful & Compassionate
Fluent in English and Spanish
Ray's attentiveness and care for others is evident in thoughtful questions that help you process life.
Passionate & Intelligent
Fluent in English and Chinese
Kai is passionate about bringing together our heads and hearts for a fully integrated life.
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What is the profile of a Guide?

We look for professionals with a history of serving individuals well, confidentially, and with a high level of empathy. All of our Guides have degrees in a psychology-related field and/or have a professional background such as ICF-Certified Coach, Therapist, Certified Health and Well-Being Coach, Counselor, Advocate, Pastoral Care, Social Worker, or HR Professional. Majority have graduate level degrees. Our Guides have a minimum of two years of relevant experience, six months of which occurred with direct supervision under a qualified supervisor (*rare exceptions are made with other relevant experience)

What is unique about Forte’s approach?

Forte's sole mission is to help people unlock their unique Contribution and we developed a proprietary methodology to help people navigate this crucial journey. Created by professionals with doctorates in cultural leadership and masters in public health, our unique 20 module training program certifies guides to hold sacred space, ask insightful questions and guide people through life, work and everything in between. See our additional document "Guide Journey" for more detailed information.

What happens on a Forte call?

Guides are available to talk about anything and everything, confidentially, with no judgment. On a first call, a user will experience an empathetic listener who will artfully guide the conversation to unlock key insights about the realities confronted in day-to-day life. Life change has happened in one call, but typically users will enter into a regular cadence with their Guide. Over time, through Guide calls, proprietary resources and assessments, users will unlock their unique Contribution and thrive daily.

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