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A Paraclete Rebrand: Unlocking Inner Strength with Forte

Today, we are so thrilled to announce our company rebrand. Previously know as Paraclete, we’d love to reintroduce you to Forte, the mental wellness platform for both the healthy and the hurting.

Here’s why.

We started this company to provide a way for institutions to proactively and personally serve every single employee that they have the privilege and honor of leading. In the process of serving customers, we have noticed the power of connection changing the trajectory of not only the individual’s life and how they show up to work, family and their relationships, but also the institution itself.

Meet Forte.

Forte is the mental wellness platform for both the healthy and the hurting. We are all about unlocking the inner strength of an institution—one individual at a time.

Our new brand is empathetic, bright, bold, and trustworthy.

The designs are approachable and accessible, but fundamentally different than the offerings available in the marketplace, because, as you know, we are creating something new.

How we do what we do isn’t changing.

In our few years of serving customers we seen incredible success in our ability for our Guides to serve institutions both deep and wide - leading to industry-shattering engagement rates. What we are doing to serve our users is not changing with this rebrand. Our Guides will still connect with employees in 1:1 audio calls as often as employees would like. We will continue to send custom wellness content to our users to encourage them to make space and time for mental fitness.

A giant thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Along our journey, we have had the opportunity to work with extremely talented and supportive groups and individuals who helped bring Forte to life.

Thank you to the incredible Jason Locy, Mark Ramel, and the branding agency, FiveStone, for taking our thoughts and feelings and turning them into a beautiful written and visual description of the brand we could only imagine in our dreams. FiveStone is a strategy and branding agency that amplifies your organization’s positive impact.

Thank you to Angelo Terminel for designing our beautiful new website.

Thank you to Momentum (our developer agency), Will Ericksson, and Esteban Ardila Valencia for rebranding our web application so quickly, so beautifully, and so efficiently. We are both impressed and thankful.

Thank you to all our Guides for embodying what it means to unlock inner strength by consistently caring and connecting with their Users. This requires time, energy, and a special talent of empathy - we are so blessed by each of you.

Thank you to our HQ team for rolling with the punches along the way and standing beside us as we build this vision.

Thank you to our incredible investors for believing in the revolution and cheering us on along the way.

Now what?

Though we have a brand new name and a new look, we are still the company on the same mission to enable every worker can live an integrated life.