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8 Fall activities to inspire creativity and fun

As we officially say goodbye to summer and fully embrace the coming of Fall, there are many opportunities for each of us to seek out inspiration and creativity.

We asked our Forte HQ team to share some of their favorite Fall activities that inspire creativity and fun.

Which of these would you choose?

Make a bonfire

"As the weather cools off I love spending time outside by a fire! My neighborhood has a Fall tradition called 'Fire Pit Fridays' where we set up fire pits in our front yards - It's a great way to slow down and enjoy good company." - Kaylee Pinkerton, Communications Manager

Go on a walk to see Fall colors

"As the leaves start changing, I love as much time as possible outside. My favorite thing is to go on long walks or find new hiking trails - being surrounded by the foliage is exhilarating. I've found that being outside in that environment allows me to see and appreciate the beauty around me that I can so easily overlook." - Vineet Rajan, Co-Founder and CEO

Bake some Fall-inspired treats

"Fall is my favorite time of year to bake because I can use all of my favorite ingredients! I am a very social person and I love baking treats to bring with me whenever I meet up with friends or family. I enjoy making the classics like apple crisp (with ice cream, of course) or pumpkin bread, but I also like to look up new recipes on Pinterest to try. " - Rebekah Mambiar, Ops Coordinator

Enjoy a slow morning outside with coffee

"I love walking to a coffee shop with my husband or sitting out on the back porch when it's chilly outside. I can't wait to enjoy a slow morning sitting outside, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking my coffee with pumpkin creamer!"  - Megan Lanz, Head of Marketing

Spend time indoors with a book or puzzle

"On days when it's too cold to go outside, I love to spend the day inside working on a puzzle or starting a new book. I've found that puzzles are a great way to bring the entire family together to work on a common goal, while also creating space for us to laugh and have good conversation." - Sandhia Rajan, Head of Wellbeing

Make a seasonal craft

"As parents, we try to be intentional in creating unique memories with our kids. One of our favorite things to do as the seasons change is think through different seasonal crafts or projects we can do with our children. Recently, my son and I made a cookie haunted house - yes, it turned out exactly like the example on the box." - William Norvell, Co-Founder

Visit a pumpkin patch with loved ones

"A trip to the pumpkin patch is the perfect way to experience all of my favorite things: being outside, being with my family, and having fun. I enjoy connecting with others in our community and having intentional time to play with my grandkids. We usually to walk away with some pretty cute pictures, too." - Jon Talbert, Chief Guide

And of course... Enjoy all things pumpkin spiced. 🎃