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Marie Kondo your Mind: Practicing Simplicity

In 2019, Netflix released a new show called "Tidying Up With Marie Kondo." The show highlighted a series of home makeovers by world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo helped clients "clear out the clutter and choose joy." The show took off, becoming the #1 non-fiction release that year while earning numerous award nominations. (Source)

In the frantic pace of today’s world, there is a growing need to slow down, breathe, and embrace simplicity — a practice that promises rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul. Inspired by the iconic tidying-up expert, Marie Kondo, let’s dive into the world of simplicity through the lens of SoulCare®.

Understanding the SoulCare® Practice of Simplicity

At its heart, practicing simplicity is about returning to the essentials, seeking harmony, and fostering joy in one’s life. Marie Kondo took the world by storm with her KonMari method, urging people to keep only those possessions that “spark joy”. The SoulCare® practice of simplicity extends this principle from the physical to the mental and emotional spheres, guiding individuals to cultivate an inner space that is free from clutter while making room for what matters most in life.

The Joy of Simplifying: Practical Steps

Step 1: Identify What Sparks Joy

Begin with a self-reflection exercise to pinpoint what truly brings joy and fulfillment. Make a list, be it hobbies, relationships, or daily rituals. The key is to identify your sources of happiness clearly.

Step 2: Declutter Your Mind

Adopting Marie Kondo’s approach, let’s tidy up our mental space! Consider jotting down recurring worries or unnecessary thoughts and consciously deciding to let them go. This act of mental decluttering can often pave the way to a mind that is more peaceful and focused.

Step 3: Simple and Mindful Living

Engage in activities that encourage mindfulness, such as meditation, yoga, or simply enjoying a cup of tea in silence. Make room for moments that allow you to be present and cherish the ‘now’.

Step 4: Unburden Your Schedule

Evaluate your daily routine and let go of activities that no longer serve your well-being. It could mean saying no to additional projects or social engagements that drain your energy rather than uplift you.

Reaping the Benefits of Simplicity

Embracing simplicity can unlock a rich array of benefits for your overall well-being. Let’s explore the multifaceted benefits that the SoulCare® practice of simplicity can usher into your life:

Mental Wellness

  • Enhanced Focus: Removing distractions allows for a heightened focus on your most important tasks and goals.
  • Clarity of Thought: With fewer unnecessary worries clouding your mind, you can be fully present to yourself and others.
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety: Simplicity fosters a calm mind, helping to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

Emotional Well-being

  • Deepened Relationships: By simplifying your social circle to include only those who truly uplift you, you can foster deeper and more meaningful relationships.
  • Increased Self-Compassion: Shedding the unnecessary pressures allows for a kinder, gentler relationship with oneself, nurturing self-compassion and understanding.
  • Joy and Contentment: Identifying and holding onto what sparks joy naturally breeds a deep-seated contentment, encouraging a focus on quality over quantity in every aspect of life.

Physical Health

  • Improved Sleep: A clutter-free environment and mind promote restful sleep, aiding the body's recovery and rejuvenation processes.
  • Boosted Immunity: Studies suggest that a simplified, stress-free lifestyle can enhance your immune system, keeping you healthy and vibrant.
  • Increased Energy: Letting go of what no longer serves you can unburden you, leading to a natural increase in your physical energy and vitality.

Spiritual Growth

  • Enhanced Mindfulness: The practice encourages a deep connection with the present moment, allowing a richer experience of life.
  • Harmonious Living: Simplicity reduces feelings of chaos and increases calm, bringing harmony to our thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Personal Growth and Self-Discovery: Simplifying your life provides the space and time needed for personal reflection and growth, aiding in the discovery of your true self and purpose.

Reflecting deeply on one’s lifestyle and choices is a vital part of embracing simplicity. Here are three personal reflection questions to help guide you in your simplicity journey:

1. What Truly Sparks Joy?

Dive deep into your daily routines, relationships, and possessions. Ask yourself what genuinely brings you joy and nourishment. It’s not just about the physical items in your home but extends to your hobbies, the people you surround yourself with, and the activities that fill your day. Identify these joy-sparking elements to foster simplicity and happiness in your life.

2. What Can I Let Go Of?

Reflect on the aspects of your life that feel more burdensome than beneficial. It could be commitments that no longer serve you, relationships that drain your energy, or belongings that clutter your space. Consider what you can release to create more room for joy and fulfillment.

3. How Can I Foster Mindfulness in My Daily Life?

Simplicity goes hand-in-hand with mindfulness. Reflect on how you can incorporate mindfulness into your daily routines to foster a deeper connection with the present moment. It might involve establishing a meditation practice, engaging in mindful eating, or simply taking a few moments each day to breathe deeply and center yourself.

As you ponder these questions, allow yourself the space to explore your feelings fully, without judgment. Remember that the journey to simplicity is a personal one, and what works for one individual might not work for another.

"“Life becomes far easier once you know that things will still work out even if you are lacking something.” - Marie Kondo