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Sandhia Rajan Joins Forte as Head of Well-being 🎉

We are excited to welcome Sandhia Rajan to the Forte team as our Head of Well-being! Sandhia holds a Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University along with a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach certification. She brings to Forte 11 years of experience in the health and wellness world, having worked in various sectors of healthcare including health education in a large hospital and coordinating for a company designing innovative human-centered health products and services. At Forte, Sandhia will oversee our Guide training curriculum and keep it grounded in scientific advancements that lead to human flourishing. She will also make sure our products are always designed with the user's wellbeing in mind.

Now... Let's get to know Sandhia a little better: 

First, tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Sandhia! 👋  I am a wanderer at heart but recently settled in the quiet, beautiful town of Highland, MD with my husband, two children and Frenchie. I love learning something new every day. I can find something interesting in almost any topic and am curious about everything…from how to change a toilet fill valve to how black holes grow.

Why are you passionate about the mission of Forte?

The beauty of Forte's mission is that it combines our universal needs of being genuinely known and finding our value with the beauty of each individual and their unique story. I have consistently found that genuine, authentic, and meaningful connection has a powerful impact on our wellbeing. At its core, Forte is a service that recognizes and harnesses this fundamental human need with a mission to serve all people in their life journey. As a health educator and public health professional, my heart resonates with Paraclete’s belief that the world and communities thrive only when individuals do.

What does mental wellness look like for you in this season?

With a busy work, home and social life, mental wellness for me in this season is finding time quiet and reflection. It is easy to get caught up in the hurriedness of the day and feel disconnected from our “why”. Waking up before the kids and finding a quiet spot to read and write or taking a hike in a nearby trail allows my mind to wander, be curious, and connect how I am feeling with my experiences and my body. Intentionality is hard during busy seasons, so finding time to reflect keeps me grounded and connected to what matters most to me and reorients me to the life I want to live.


Sandhia, we are so glad you're officially on team!