Forte's Philosophy of SoulCare®

Our Vision

To transform humanity from merely surviving to thriving.

Our Mission

To help people unlock their unique Contribution.

What is SoulCare®?

SoulCare® is the practice of Whole Human Integration: integrating what we are, do, and experience.

Being Fully Human

Have you ever experienced the peculiar yet poignant feeling of being lifted out of your “ordinary”? It can happen when you see an awe-striking sunrise, when you hold your child for the first time or when experiencing an immense sense of gratitude. Suspended almost for a moment in time, we feel a sense of wholeness and connectedness to something outside of ourselves.  In this often indescribable moment, our Body, Soul and Spirit awaken, and we move from merely existing to fully living. We believe moments like these are glimpses of what it means to be fully human.

Defining the Whole Human

We believe the Whole Human consists of the Body (how we are), Soul (who we are) and Spirit (why we are). The Body is the form in which we live our lives. The Soul encapsulates our mind, will and emotions. It’s where our thoughts and feelings are shaped and where we make decisions on what we do and what we experience. The Spirit is the force animating us, and brings us purpose and a sense of belonging. The Soul is where our Body and Spirit overlap (see image below). It is the point of integration.

SoulCare® Is For Everyone

Thoughts and feelings about ourselves, what we do, and what we experience are shaped in our Soul. A healthy and intentional Soul emanates outward leading to a healthier Body and more animated Spirit. SoulCare® can be applied by everyone regardless of their gender, race, socio-economic status, geography or religion/worldview and attends to the Whole Human by acknowledging our past experiences, bringing awareness to our present state, and being intentional about who we are becoming. SoulCare® Connections move individuals from feeling segmented and unfulfilled to integrated and whole. 

The Outcome

The desired outcome of SoulCare® is the integration of:

  • What we are: Body, Soul, Spirit
  • What we do: Our various roles (worker, parent, child, friend, neighbor, etc.)
  • What we experience: Past, Present, Future

We believe this integration is possible with a multidisciplinary, human-centered, and holistic approach known as the Forte Pathway.

The Pathway

The Pathway consists of SoulCare® Connections and SoulCare® Practices to help individuals live a more integrated life.

SoulCare® Connections

SoulCare® begins with genuine human connection via audio calls. Forte Guides are trained to help an individual further understand what is happening in their Soul in a confidential, authentic, non-judgmental and safe space through one-on-one Connections.

The Guides are trained to listen deeply, inquire meaningfully and bring curiosity and discovery to any and all topics. They will follow a four-phase framework to help explore thoughts, feelings and emotions.

4 Phase Framework

  1. Pause: Connections bring an individual to the present moment, where they can take a breath and enter into a safe, confidential space where discovery can occur. Here, they can slow down, settle the noise and chaos of life, and enter a state of reflection. 
  2. Perceive: Guides help uncover Soul-disrupting or Soul-energizing thoughts and feelings by exploring all facets of lived experiences.
  3. Process: Guides assist in processing what was uncovered and discerning possible implications of such experiences, thoughts and emotions.
  4. Ponder: Connections conclude with the Guide helping to consider potential pathways leading towards a greater sense of flourishing.

SoulCare® Practices

Forte will provide content and resources to help apply ten SoulCare® Practices and live a more integrated life. A fully intentional Soul, animated Spirit, and balanced Body builds and sustains hope, joy, gratitude, self-compassion and connection in work, life and everything in between. 

Why SoulCare®?

We believe SoulCare® will improve well-being by:

  1. Increasing positive thoughts and emotions towards oneself, experiences, and others.
  2. Animating all aspects of oneself and enabling a vibrant life marked by thoughtfulness, compassion and purpose.
  3. Bringing one’s whole self and full potential to work, home and everywhere in between.

When we integrate what we are, do and experience we reclaim what it means to be fully human and live a thriving life.