Who are the Forte Guides?

Our Guides are a reflection of a diverse workforce (age, gender, ethnicity, geographic disposition, languages they speak, work experiences, etc), are certified in their domains of expertise (e.g. ICF-Certified Executive Coach, Board Certified Wellbeing Coach, Licensed Therapist/Counselor/Advocate, Pastoral Care, Social Worker, etc), and 50%+ of our Guides have graduate degrees.

After completing an application process, Forte Guides are interviewed, screened and background checked. We look for Guides who have shown a depth of experience and expertise serving individuals well and confidentially, have a high level of empathy, and commitment to journeying alongside diverse people in their journeys of life. Approved Guides complete a proprietary training and certification program before they begin meeting with Users.

Guides are trained in SoulCare® methodology which includes empathetic listening, holding a safe space and place, guiding and not prescribing, elicitation techniques, the art of presence, whole-person formation, wellbeing practices, and suspending judgment. They are evaluated in live-exercises before they become certified as a SoulCare® Guide.