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Forte Raises $3.3 Million to Advance Its SoulCare® Platform for Employees

Forte Raises $3.3 Million to Advance Its SoulCare® Platform for Employees

Forte, the SoulCare® platform for the workforce, successfully closed a $3.3 million Seed Round, elevating its mission to enhance employee well-being and engagement in the workplace and beyond.

HIGHLAND, Maryland-- Forte, renowned for its impactful SoulCare® platform for employees, proudly announces the closure of its $3.3 million Seed Round. This fundraising endeavor will significantly bolster Forte's efforts to ensure employees thrive both at work and in their personal lives.

Forte was co-founded by first-generation immigrant and Marine Corps veteran Vineet Rajan, and Stanford GSB / University of Alabama alumnus, William Norvell. Forte's SoulCare® platform offers employees unlimited access to wellness content and confidential conversations with certified Guides to support them in the unique journey of life and help them unlock their unique contribution.

Tom Blaisdell, former General Partner at DCM Ventures, led the round. Cubit Capital, Fairbridge Park, and Sovereign's Capital participated in the round, alongside several return backers and new mission-aligned funds and individual investors.

“We are deeply humbled by the overwhelming support from our investors” Vineet Rajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Forte, shared. “This funding not only validates our vision but also fuels our drive to achieve unprecedented milestones in the mental wellness space. We're excited for the journey ahead and are committed to delivering unparalleled solutions to our customers."

Reflecting on his personal journey, Vineet Rajan, Co-Founder and CEO of Forte, shared, “After the harrowing events of 9/11, I felt compelled to join the Marines and serve my country. That chapter taught me the boundless potential that lies within when individuals feel truly valued. Leaders often proclaim that their people are their top asset. To make this sentiment a reality, we must acknowledge employees as complete humans with multidimensional lives."

Forte proudly serves a diverse customer base spanning various sectors, including education, healthcare, hourly shift workers, tech, and hybrid workforces. With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Forte has expanded its footprint, reaching individuals across the nation and offering services in multiple languages. This approach ensures that a vast array of employees, irrespective of language or location, can benefit from the tailored support that Forte's SoulCare® platform provides.

Forte's vision extends beyond traditional reactionary employee mental wellness offerings. With an impressive 40%+ engagement rate, the SoulCare® platform provided by Forte is making significant inroads in employee wellness. An overwhelming 97% of Forte users report improved well-being, and 95% indicate feeling more present at work. Furthermore, the recent launch of Forte University trains Guides in Forte’s proprietary SoulCare® methodology, which boasts an average user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

"We intentionally choose our Guides to resonate with the myriad experiences and backgrounds that paint the tapestry of our society," remarks Co-Founder and President William Norvell. "Our commitment ensures every Forte user finds a perfectly matched Guide, trained in SoulCare® at Forte University who is adept at navigating workplace and personal dynamics."

The funds fuel Forte's ability to scale its impact in organizational and employee well-being by enabling further investments in technology and the team.

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About Forte:
Forte is the mental wellness benefit aiming to unlock the unique contribution of organizations one employee at a time. Founded by Vineet Rajan and William Norvell, Forte offers employees unlimited, confidential conversations with trained professional Guides. Their commitment to transforming workplace wellness is further validated by their recent successful Seed Round, backed by industry leaders like Tom Blaisdell, Cubit Capital, Fairbridge Park, and more.

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