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Just for the Fun of It

Just for the Fun of It

When was the last time you did something simply for the fun of it? Did you engage in it solely because of the joy it brought you? In a world that constantly measures growth and productivity, play can feel like a rebellious act, often entangled with feelings of guilt. As children, play constituted a significant part of our existence: sleep, eat, play, and repeat. However, as we progressed into adulthood, it gradually occupied less and less of our days, until, for many of us, it became a distant memory. It's easy to overlook the significance of play in our lives, but if you can, take a moment to explore with me what it would be like to bring play back into your life.

Reflect back on the nights spent chasing lightning bugs, the enchantment of blowing and popping bubbles, the sensation of sledding down a snow-covered hill, or zooming down a playground slide. Play serves as a conduit to the experience of joy. This joy feels pure and connects us to the present moment in a powerful way. For a brief moment, we free ourselves from the need to accomplish more, become more, or prove ourselves further; instead, we fully engage in playful activities solely for the sheer delight they bring. There are no hidden agendas or objectives to fulfill; it's an untainted, unfiltered celebration of life itself.

When we interact with the world in this manner, it establishes a connection to the very core of our humanity, fostering a sense of completeness that transcends the compartments into which we often divide our lives.

Participating in play doesn't merely provide surface-level gratification; it fulfills a deeper need tied to our well-being. Adults who engage in more "playful behaviors" encounter diminished levels of anxiety and stress, enhanced sleep and physical health, and an increased capacity for hope, creativity, enjoyment, and the appreciation of beauty.

At the workplace, this could mean commemorating birthdays, milestones, and anniversaries, regardless of their scale. It might involve conducting outdoor meetings, engaging in lunchtime trivia sessions, or curating an office playlist. At home, it can look like as dancing, sports activities, board games, or impromptu karaoke sessions. The manner in which we choose to engage in play will be unique for each individual. When we make time for it, we all experience a fleeting yet invigorating moment of joy that ripples into other areas of our lives.

By immersing ourselves in unfiltered play, we reignite curiosity, establish connections, and foster creativity, reviving dormant aspects of ourselves. By embracing play for its own sake, we not only revitalize our spirits but also experience our world differently. This form of play isn't concerned with outcomes or achievements; it's a celebration of the present moment, an affirmation that the true essence of life lies within the experience itself.

Consider reflecting on moments of playful joy in your life and what it would be like to embrace it in your life now.

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